B2B Credit Architects

Need to build or optimize your credit operations, you’ve come to the right place, we specialize in designing and delivering credit solutions

What we do

We simplify credit management with integrated front-to-back technology platforms and managed services

Our data-driven credit solutions are capable of driving greater efficiency, visibility, and insight across the B2B credit lifecycles

We partner with corporate clients to create tailored working capital solutions for their B2B customers. Our credit solutions allow our corporate clients to streamline the complex workflows of lending so that they can minimize operational costs and maximize returns.

Our Approach

We adapt and leverage alternative data

We analyze creditworthiness by blending standard financial data with alternative data

Within the vast array of data are pieces of information that, when combined, provide insights into a company’s viability that traditional methods (used by banks) cannot. This alternative data, combined with AI frameworks allow us to spawn new credit models to determine a company’s creditworthiness.

Our credit solutions are embeddable and customizable

Our embedded loan services can easily be integrated into a partner company’s platform using our proprietary UIs. This gives partners the ability to offer a financing option that aligns with their users’ needs, streamlining the financing process and providing a seamless experience.

Our Solution

End-to-end modern credit solutions covering all aspects of the lending cycle


We streamline client onboarding with our state-of-the-art compliance solutions, ensuring seamless compliance and risk management

Credit Models/Scoring

We leverage our cutting-edge credit models and scoring techniques to accurately assess creditworthiness and manage risk

Loan Management

We efficiently manage loan disbursement and repayment with our advanced loan management services


We recover outstanding debts effectively with our collection services, utilizing advanced strategies and technologies

Product ideation

We enhance our corporate client’s credit management capabilities with our credit product design expertise, covering areas such as UI/UX, risk management, compliance and financial analysis

Credit capital

We source and co-invest credit capital, freeing up cash and reducing credit risk of our corporate clients

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Our Products

Credit Engines

Buy Now, Pay Later

KUPO – our brand inspired by the Spanish word for “credit line” – represents our BNPL partnerships, where we design and operate customized credit ecosystems that provide innovative working capital solutions for our partners’ B2B customers.

Sell Now, Get Paid Now

Our state-of-the-art factoring platform, which is fully automated and can be used as a standalone solution or as a SaaS platform. By partnering with e-invoice providers, ERPs, and others, we provide quick access to factoring financing for their clients.

How we work

Working with us is simple!


Understanding the problem

Our team of specialists (product, credit & legal) will partner with the client to understand the problem and come up with the best solution

Choosing the right solution

We choose one of our 3 levels of integration:
(1) Basic (Referral/Data)
(2) White Label/Custom UI
(3) API Integration


Credit model design

We determine what data sources and algorithms should be implemented in a tailor-made scoring system

Funding Strategy

Capital is key for our partners and our business model. We will take care of the capital needed to fund the platform, with a combination of our own balance sheet and third parties' capital


Our goal is to have a solution up and running in a matter of weeks, the time will really depend on the level of customization needed

Launch & Operation

Once the platform is up and running, our partner will just need to focus on its core business, we take care of the rest